Armed Services Flags


The Rotary club of Hendersonville has long appreciated and shown respect for the Veterans in our community. This was highlighted in a public display 10 years ago when the Rotary Club of Hendersonville donated money to build a fountain, skirted by 3 flag poles, located in what is now called Memorial Park.  Memorial Park sits on a very conspicuous piece of real estate passed daily by thousands of residents. The park serves as reminder to the public of the debt of gratitude we all owe our veterans, past and present.

In an effort to continue our club’s dedication to ensuring that sacrifices of our service men and women do not go unnoticed, the Rotary Club of Hendersonville has enhanced Memorial Park with a special flag tribute for each branch of the Armed Services. The Hendersonville Club has added 5 additional flag poles to the park surrounding the fountain. This brings the total to eight service flags, one for the United States Flag, one for the Tennessee state flag, one for the MIA/POW flag, and one each for the five branches of the Armed Services: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard.  The United States Flag stands front and center, higher than all others.  This $9,000.00 Rotary project had the full support and approval of the local and state governments.

A dedication for the additional armed service flags took place on May 27, 2013, and the event was attended by many representatives of local and State governments.

We hope this Rotary display will serve as a constant reminder to our community about the sacrifices made by our military and their families so that we may enjoy our daily way of life.