Join Rotary

We often get emails and calls asking “can I join Rotary?”

The answer is very simple… you must be invited by a current member. First you’ll be invited to visit the club, then should you both feel comfortable with the possibility of you becoming a member, you’ll be proposed as a member.

This is the process we go through to bring in new members:

How to Propose a Rotary Member (for our members)

  1. Once you have identified a prospective new member, obtain a proposal form from the club secretary and as sponsor, sign where marked. As part of the process, introduce your prospect to the document “Hendersonville Rotary Club Introduction for Prospective Members.”
    NOTE:  ONLY the sponsor signs the application not the prospective member.
  2. There is a charge for guest visits. Please check with club officers for cost and to pay.
  3. Return completed application to the club secretary. **Please realize that this is not a quick process & may possibly take 4-6 weeks from application to induction!!
  4. Application will be reviewed and will be brought before the Board of Directors for approval.
  5. This Board approval allows the application to proceed to the Rotary Bulletin for publication to the full membership for two weeks. If there is an objection to the prospective member, the objection must be in writing & received by the club secretary no later than two days after the final publication. The application & objection will be reviewed by the Board & a final Board decision is non-appealable.
  6. Proposed member’s application then goes to the Rotary Information/Orientation Chair. The proposed member is then required to meet with the RI/O Chair for an overview of the Hendersonville Rotary Club, including but not limited to club activities, dues, attendance, etc. The proposed member is informed of what they can expect from Rotary & what Rotary expects from them. At this meeting, the prospective member signs the application & agrees to the terms of membership.
  7. Final step…Induction of the new member is scheduled on a mutually agreed upon date by the club, sponsor & new member. Dues, fees & attendance requirements begin as of induction date.