Rotary Youth Exchange


Have you ever wanted to see the world?  Learn about “far away places and “far away people?” The Rotary International Youth Exchange program is designed to give you a unique opportunity to do just that! It was our privileged to be a host club for Long-Term students from Bazil, Germany, and Taiwan. It became clearer that this is a program that creates experiences of a life time! Our goal is to provide the opportunity to as many qualified students as possible.


Youth Exchange is a structured program of Rotary International adopted by the RI Board in 1974 that gives youth, between the ages of 15 and 19, an opportunity to visit or study in a country other than their own.  Long-term exchanges allow the student to study in another country for an academic year.  Short-term exchanges allow the student to visit another country for as little as a few weeks.  All students must apply locally and be sponsored by a Rotary club in their community.  The parents or legal guardians are expected to provide health, accident, and liability insurance and round-trip transportation to and from the hosting district.  Host families for the students are expected to provide room and board for the student while the hosting, or receiving, district should provide for all educational expenses, as well as a modest monthly allowance for those students on a long-term exchange.  Exchanges are organized between sponsoring and hosting districts by agreement and are expected to be reciprocal.